Uninterruptable Power Supply

Keep your router connected for 12 hours when you have no electricity

Stay powered up with the DSL Telecom Uninterruptible Power Supply so you can continue to work, stream and surf the web when the power is down.

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DSL Telecom UPS


UPS is easy to transport and carry around

Small & Compact

No need to worry about bulky gadgets, the DSL Telecom UPS is easy to transport and carry around with you wherever you go.

uninterrupted power supply during load shedding or power cuts

Automatic Activation

The DSL Telecom UPS device starts up automatically when the power cuts out. All you need to do is ensure that the UPS device is charged up.

UPS device starts up automatically

Plug & Play

Easy plug & play installation. 

There is no need for a technician to help you set up. Simply plug it in to charge and then turn it on.

12 Hours Uptime UPS device

12 Hours Uptime

The DSL Telecom UPS device charges while the power is on to provide you with an uninterrupted power supply.

DSL Telecom UPS Power Supply

UPS Overview

User guide:

The unit has 3 ports:

1. Input : Where the charger is plugged in to charge the unit.

2. Output : Where you connect your device to receive back-up power using the included cable.

3. USB : A 5V port that can be used to connect USB cables.

The UPS has a charge and working light

1. Charge Light

The charge light will flash when the unit is charging via the input port.  Once fully charged the light will stop flashing and will become solid green. 

2. Work Light

Once you start using the unit with the input disconnected, the work light will come on to indicate that the unit is providing back-up power.

Please Note: The unit will turn off without warning once it runs out of power.


Connecting your UPS to your modem and multiple devices

1. Connect the router or ONT to the output port using the supplied splitter cable.

2. You can also connect a mobile phone to the 5VDC USB output on the cable.

3. Insert the power adapter of your fibre or Wi-Fi router to the input port of the UPS.

Ensure the correct polarity and maximum input voltage of 13VDC is not exceeded. NB, do not use an adapter that is more than 12V.

4. Next, insert the power adapter into the AC wall outlet.

Please Note: The unit will turn off without warning once it runs out of power.

Charge the UPS once a month to extend the life of the battery if the UPS is not used for extended periods.

Connecting to a modem

Connecting to multiple devices

Product Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What does UPS stand for?

UPS stands for Uninterruptable Power Supply

Who do I contact for support?

You can call DSL Telecom to help you with any issues.

Can I use any adapter to power my DSL Telecom UPS?

No, only a 12V 2Amps adapter can be used to power your DSL Telecom UPS. Using an adapter with more than 12V may cause damage to your UPS and it will not be covered under warranty. An adapter is included in the price.

What does the DSL Telecom UPS power?

The DSL Telecom UPS acts as a backup power for ANY 12V appliance.

What are the input and output specs?

Input: 12V 2000mA

Output: 12V 2000mA and USB 5V port 

( for phone charging, etc.)

Does the UPS come with a power adapter?

A UPS power adapter is included. Alternatively, use your existing modem or gateway 12VDC/2.5A with 2.5mm plug power adapter to connect your UPS in-line.

Will the UPS power my FTTB router?

No, since most FTTB routers don’t have the necessary 12V input and output port.

What cords come with the UPS device?

The UPS device comes with a splitter to provide multiple adapter connection options.

Is a technician required to install the UPS?

No, the DSL Telecom UPS is plug and play device so you can install it on your own.

" Since getting the DSL Telecom UPS, I can continue to work even during load shedding, it's as if the electricity never turns off. "

– Adriaan de Klerk, Johannesburg - 

Great multiple device UPS

" When I have load shedding, my friends come over and we watch series on my phone while it's charging on the UPS! "

– Lillian Jacobs, Cape Town - 

Great multiple device UPS

Get Your DSL Telecom UPS

Don't let power cuts stop you, keep your internet & devices connected & powered up during load shedding! 

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